Guy Fieri Has Big Plans For His New Restaurant, Chicken Guy

Chicken tenders, Disney World, and Guy Fieri: Even Guy knows it’s the “perfect storm,” as he called it just a few hours after the grand opening in Disney Springs this week. Hundreds of fans came out to celebrate the opening of the chicken tenders-and-sauce restaurant alongside Guy, restauranteur Robert Earl, the Chicken Guy! team, and in true Disney fashion, Chef Mickey Mouse.

Courtesy of Walt Disney World

It was a labor of love, and despite the fairly simple menu, it took some time to come to fruition. “I’ve opened, I can’t even tell you, 100-plus restsaurants in my career,” Guy told Delish over the phone. “This one took probably the longest to get from design or idea to reality.”

Called the flagship Chicken Guy! location, it’s clear this thing has legs. When I ask Guy if he plans to open more, it’s not so much an if as much as a when. “We are sitting here every day talking about it,” he says. “Chicken is so universal. To me this is such a nice, universal concept that I really do think we’ve got quite an expansion expectation on our horizon.”

Courtesy of Walt Disney World

He knows what you’re thinking: “A lot of people will say it’s just a chicken tender, what are you getting so excited about? But it’s a chicken tender that’s never frozen, house made, antibiotic free, and it’s affordable.” Plus, there are 22 sauces and a certified sauce slinger wandering the restaurant, so like most things Guy, it’s also really fun.

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