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Sauce Squad is our inner circle, and boy do we have an appetite for flavor. With every visit, Sauce Squaders’ receive two complimentary Chicken Guy! sauces. Joining Sauce Squad is a no-brainer. Roll with our motley cast of characters and get more bird for your buck, every time!


Getting Started

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How can I get a physical card?

Visit your closest Chicken Guy! and request one from the cashier.

If I get Sauce Squad emails does that mean I am in the Sauce Squad program?

Not quite! You will need to activate and register your card. Follow the instructions above.
Once registered, your Free Sauce reward will be added to your account within 48 hours.


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How do I redeem my free sauce?

Check in using your phone number or email.
Place your order and select your additional sauces.

Can I give my sauce to someone else?

Sauces cannot be transferred to another account.


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Why were my free sauces not available?

Sauce Squad members cannot redeem rewards in conjunction with promotions, offers, discounts, catering orders or the purchase of gift cards unless otherwise stated.